Deputy Pitman on Radio Jersey about Stuart Syvret’s Secret Court Case

Deputy T Pitman.

Discussing Stuart Syvret's Secret Court Case on Radio Jersey this morning with good old Matthew Price with just the one Question  "In the interests of free speech should we be allowed to say anything we like online?"


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Monumental Electoral Reform achievement

A distinctive feature of Jersey political discussion is the total absence of a sense of irony, so its good to see a new breed of politically alert artists.

"One of the little known recommendations of the Bailhache report on reforming the States".
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Can we now say  by publishing someones name - no matter in what context - that we can now be dragged through a secret court case funded by the taxpayer?  This is the crucial matter that has been over looked in my opinion. This comes down to interpretation. Stuart Syvret has mentioned peoples name on his blog complete with allegations concerning them.  The Data Protection Law and not a Libel action has been used and this surely sets a very dangerous precedent not only for Citizen Media but for every Mainstream Media outlet in Jersey. Why have they remained silent on this? Have they been distracted by the fact that it is Stuart Syvret? 

Can Stuart Syvret - former CPO Graham Power - Lenny Harper  and any other member of the public now bring a Data Protection action against the JEP for any articles written by them (JEP)  that might be distressing  and damaging - how do we quantify distressing and damaging? Maybe they should be contacting Data Protection Commissioner, Emma Martins.   This is very serious. Think about it. 

After all the vitriol that the bloggers have had to endure and the hands of the JEP - calling into question our integrity, motives and accusing us of publishing "Allegations without Substance" can we now bring a class action against the JEP - funded by the taxpayer - and ask them to remove all mention of blogs/bloggers -Lenny Harper and anybody else who have attempted to bring child abusers and their protectors to account.

In today's JEP the Data Protection Commissioner, Emma Martins has come out with a statement that could set in motion a collision course with the UK Parliament. Let me quote her exact words - if accurately interpreted by the JEP. 

The JEP asked Emma Martins - " Whether further action would be taken against Mr Syvret or others who have named identified the four"

Mrs Martins replied " Every complaint we receive is dealt with in accordance with our statutory powers. The Royal Court judgement is clear, and the office of data protection commissioner notes that all of the applicants have been successful in winning the relief that they were seeking. This has been a difficult, complex and long-running case which has taken a real personal toll on the applicants. We are all accountable for what we write and say in the online environment  and that accountability applies equally to those who claim journalistic status - they also have to face the legal consequence arising from damage that they do and the lasting harm that they can cause during their actions. This judgement shows clearly that the laws that protect us in our everyday life also extend online. There will be no further comment from this office."End

Deputy Trevor and Shona Pitman could have saved themselves a fortune by going to the data protection office instead of taking a libel action.  You can now by-pass the press complaints commission and go straight to Emma martins - what is good for the goose is surely good for the gander. 

Now, I'm opening these concerns and questions to the public. Have I got my interpretation of this wrong? I'm simply asking the question. By using Data Protection and not Libel has a whole new precedent been set?

I have copied  the names of the 4 individuals involved and has a multitude of other  blog sites from the 'UK Parliament Hansard'. Will we now see Emma Martins taking them on in court to have them removed? If I have to take them down, then surely the UK Parliament Hansard must follow suit.

The JEP never contacted Stuart Syvret for a reply until after their piece had been written and published. How ironic that the reply they did publish in today's paper comes straight from his blog. He asked for  a set of questions but instead the JEP went for a quick cut and paste job. This is becoming, as with all things Judicial and Legislative in Jersey, a complete joke.

Again some very serious questions must be asked of the Data Protection Office, via the Chief Minister, Ian Gorst, who has political oversight of said office, about just  how much money has been spent, out of what budget the money has come from and surely the tax paying public of Jersey has a right to know. 

Could/ Should the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) under the leadership of Deputy Vallois and the watchful eye of Senator Ferguson start following the money and find out exactly how much this has cost the Jersey Taxpayer.

Make no mistake we are dealing with a systemic  and shambolic level of governance that must come to an end one way or the other. This is not sustainable. We need serious checks and balances across all functions of Judiciary and Governance.

Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Journalist

Citizen Media and Proud. 


'Taking on the trolls! Ministers back new law to allow action against on-line bullies.'

So screamed the front page of the Jersey Evening Pravda last Thursday 25th July. What was this all about?  New proposals being brought forward  between Economic Development, Home Affairs and Jersey's 'Law' Office to apparently stamp out what is widely known as 'trolling'.

In essence, for anyone who has been living in a cave this is the cowardly, revolting pastime of socially inadequate thugs who hide behind countless fake avatars to spread lies, hate and bully innocent people - even very young children - on the Internet. Sometimes even bullying them to the point of suicide. Do I support such initiatives? Of course I do.

Though as the States Member who actually made this problem a political issue by raising awareness to it I do have to observe that you would have thought the above trio might have at least consulted me for my insights. After all, not only have I seen the damage this social disease has done to a whole variety of decent, ordinary people in the island - Shona and I have even experienced this to a staggering degree ourselves first hand.

Applauded - but with a note of caution...

But it is because I have had these unpleasant experiences myself that my one reservation to this - on the surface - wholly welcome new law is that it may yet not end up actually being used for what it should be. That it instead might be a thinly disguised vehicle for attacking and suppressing the service provided by the excellent Citizens' Media blogs that have, over the past few years, been putting Jersey's 'mainstream media' to shame in exposing all manner of political cover-ups and general bad practice.

What exactly do I mean? Not just the twisting of 'law' that has already resulted in unprecedented 'secret court' hearings. But concerns like individuals with complaints against them now in double figures - serious allegations at that including threatening to put caustic soda in an ex-girlfriend's face; sending out anonymous,  sickening, hate-filled posters seeking to smear people for no other reason that the psychopath's personal jealousy.

The setting up of  both 'hate' sites like the pro-child abuse cover-up Farce Blog with its hundreds of fake 'comments', and similarly twisted Twitter accounts. Concerns in fact that go all the way to tormenting recently bereaved mothers; and even posting greeting cards with razorblades glued inside of them to people. Concerns incredibly never resulting in prosecution in Jersey even when the police have often been involved and have even sent files to the Law Office.

Should we be concerned at the fears I raise here?

I would obviously have to say most definitely. After all, just consider we have already quite incredibly had senior figures at the local BBC in the island actually both encouraging people to go on to a hate site set up to vilify a US journalist; and re-tweeting a sick and twisted Twitter account run by the very same psychopath to attack and smear Deputy Shona Pitman - a media executive telling his followers that it was 'amusing'!

Almost as bad it must be said we have had the BBC continuing to read out 'comments' from the same, sick and cowardly thug behind this live on air to listeners as if they were from real people: even when members of the public have highlighted the truth behind such avatars as 'James Le Gallais', 'Sue Young', 'Julie Hanning', 'Jane Care' and countless others. 

Last but not least we really mustn't forget we even have a Data Protection Office which has documented proof of the thug and handful of contributors behind the likes of the defunct Farce blog and its equally twisted successor. Documented proof of sickening trolling yet doggedly won't hand that information over so that legal action can be taken against such thugs by authorities - as they could already under existing harassment laws..

Indeed, just using our own experience of being on the receiving end of a sick and deluded social inadequate thug;  I can genuinely say we went through all of the right channels. We approached all of the right agencies/people. Truth was the experience was really little different to what we found with our highlighting of our non ECHR Article 6 compliant court hearings.

Those who should be putting such abuses right really don't want to risk getting their hands dirty and upsetting the Great and the Good by actually doing their job and denting the rose-tinted myth that everything in Jersey is always perfect no matter how bad the true picture is.

OK. So the proof of the pudding as they say will be in the eating. Yet if one sick and twisted individual known to dozens of victims isn't the first to get his collar felt under this new law then we can all be 100% confident the whole thing is indeed nothing more than a wooden horse aimed at closing down anti-Establishment dissension.

In this Council of Ministers lying seems to have spread like a virus...

Jersey politics certainly may not be unique in this problem. Yet in my experience of dealing with all too many of those at the top of  'ministerial' government these past 6 years - and this term in particular - power and lying really do seem to go hand-in-hand all too often.

Just think back to the very beginning and Senator Gorst in his 'vote for me to be Chief Minister' election pitch of accountable, inclusive government. Right up to this very summer's appalling affront to the public that  was the 'maliciouos', 'fictitious', 'I will NOT be drawn any further' diatribe of  'Bailhache-Gate'.

Yet in checking out comments on the excellent Voiceforchildren blog yesterday lo and behold but I stumbled upon confirmation of yet another one. This latest one revolves around the answer I was given on March 5th this year to the written question re-published below to the Minister for Home Affairs, Senator Ian Le Marquand; the question being on the issue of the Haut de la Garenne child abuse cover-up.

"Can the Minister inform Members whether, in the early stages of the historic child abuse investigation, both a current States Member and an individual still employed by the States and himself facing a number of allegation relating to abuse, went to Haut de la Garenne and attempted to gain access past the Police cordon stating that they needed to collect/remove personal material?"

Is this a lie or is this a... downright LIE?

"The States of Jersey Police have no formal record of any such visit by either party and with the passage of time, there is no-one still serving within the States of Jersey Police who is able to confirm that any such visit took place. "

So answered the Home Affairs Minister. Okay, so the answer was actually slightly longer - even going on to try and muddy the water a bit by throwing in the red herring that Deputy Kevin Lewis might be the cause of any confusion because of his past involvement with the site through his Bergerac days. The message was clearly: don't bother pursuing this because there is nowhere for you to take it and it is all unsubstantiated rumour.

Maybe even that old Establishment Party favourite dismissal - a conspiracy?

Yet just as I already had pretty good information back in March regarding the true identity of the two people who sought to breach the Police cordon, this week the lie I was spun back in March has now been confirmed. And confirmed by no less an authority than former Senior Investigating Office for Operation Rectangle, Lenny Harper. For I quote:

"On 19th February at 3pm Ann Pryke attended HDLG. I was asked to go to the entrance by officers on security duty there. Pryke was demanding entry and a full update on our activities. She was complaining loudly that we had not pre-informed her of our entry to HDLG. I told her it was police business and she should leave.

The following day the Chief Minister Frank Walker e-mailed Graham Power who passed the e-mail to myself. Walker stated that he wanted Pryke fully updated and told of any discoveries. He was told "no" in firm terms and given a number of reasons why it would not be happening. He was also warned that all approaches such as his would be recorded and would be disclosable.

At 5.30pm that day (20th Feb) Danny Wherry turned up at HDLG and demanded entry to recover some items he had left there previously. He was refused and told to leave as it was a potential crime scene.

I am somewhat surprised at Mr Le Marquand's reply for two reasons. Firstly, both visits are recorded on the official security log for the scene, and the e-mail from Frank Walker will also be logged. Secondly, there are a number of officers still serving with the force who could confirm the visits. The Home Affairs Minister needs to do his homework!"

Another line of investigation for the Committee of Inquiry

How is it I have to ask that these blatant instances of what can only be called lying keep on happening as regularly as clockwork? Is it all some bizarre unfolding of pure chance; coincidence? Frankly I think you could get better odds on Senator Bailhache again topping the polls come 2014. This is undoubtedly deliberate policy. The only two questions arising are: just where is the lying originating from and for what purpose?

If Senator Le Marquand has lied to me deliberately then let me tell him now: I will be pursuing him come September with just the same tenacity that I will be doing with Senator Bailhache (no, it isn't over by a long shot, Sir Philip) until he does the required thing within Standing Orders and resigns from the Council of Ministers.

Of course if it is the Police leadership who has lied to the Home Affairs Minister then I equally expect a full statement on who, why and what disciplinary action is to be implemented. Anything less and one really has to conclude this Council of Ministers really does have something to hide. Something that is beginning to appear increasingly worrying and desperate.

Why did Deputy Anne Pryke feel the need to 'demand' entry; to what purpose and under what authority? Why did Danny Wherry turn up and demand he be allowed to 'recover' some items he had left there previously? Indeed, what were these items? Has he ever been interviewed to explain? The questions are of the sort that really cannot be satisfactorily left unanswered.  I mean, just imagine if either of these individuals were facing hushed up allegations from any of the abuse victims....

Meanwhile, maybe I really ought to dust off that 'recall referendum' proposition over the summer and get it lodged after all? Well, there's the trolls and the lies. I guess you'll just have to log on again in a day or two to catch up on the sex and the videotape...

Keep the Faith


Summer Magic

There is something mellow and magical about a summer evening. The heat of the day has gone, only the odd dog walker is out and about, and the colour is just changing with the light of the gradually setting sun. That's what prompted this poem. And listening to Handel.

Some of the sights can be see at:

Summer Magic
An evening stroll past meadow land
Sheep grazing safely behind dry walls
Gently mow the grass where they stand
And sounding off their baaa like calls
I follow the path along the coastal way
I sit on the bench, and look out to sea
Yachts gliding gently within the bay
A whisper of wind by coastal lee
Walking back, past the flowers bright
Wild flowers on heath blow in breeze
Past small front gardens, tiny delight
And the sound of busy worker bees
This is summer magic, gentle peace
The joy remains and does not cease

The BBC’s Matthew Price gives a fare Interview!

Well I will give Credit when Credit's due, I thought Mr Price did a fare & balanced Interview. Have a listen & see what you think.

One thing is for sure The Church is not looking good in this sorry affair. Senator Bailhache's great plan of leaving the UK is looking shaky if his going to rely on the Church to back him.

We have 12 Parish Churches & say there is 100 people that go to each church & that is a over estimate, that only gives him 1,200 people out of a Island of 105,000. So its not looking good , Thank God.