Deputy Pitman on Radio Jersey about Stuart Syvret’s Secret Court Case

Deputy T Pitman.

Discussing Stuart Syvret's Secret Court Case on Radio Jersey this morning with good old Matthew Price with just the one Question  "In the interests of free speech should we be allowed to say anything we like online?"


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Watching from the Sidelines

It was not Zeus who gave the order,
And Justice living with the dead below
Has never given men a law like this.
Nor did I think that your pronouncements were
So powerful that mere man could override
The unwritten and unfailing laws of heaven.
These live, not for today and yesterday
But for all time; they came, no man knows whence.
-Sophocles, Antigone
Listening to Gavin Ashenden on BBC Radio Jersey this morning, and hearing of the two adverts placed in the JEP by the Bishop, and by Anglicans in Jersey, I was struck by how much the whole issue has veered away from HG.
This is a statement by the Diocese issued recently:
 "It is very clear that HG's experience in Jersey was a deeply upsetting one and that she feels that her complaint at the time was not properly handled.  Safeguarding the vulnerable is one of the key responsibilities of the Church and we must ensure that we have the right policies and processes in place to handle such matters sensitively. Undertaking these independently led inquiries now is absolutely about ensuring that the Diocese and the Church fully understands HG's case, informing what we can do in the future to help vulnerable people feel protected.  I recognize that this has been a difficult process, for HG above all else, but the safeguarding of the vulnerable is too important a duty for this Diocese and the wider Church of England to ignore."
And this is Peter Ould's incisive commentary:
 "The interesting part of this statement is that it doesn't engage with any of the allegations HG makes against people in the Diocese. It doesn't refute them or confirm them, it simply ignores them."
It reminds me to some extent of a domestic argument, where the original cause was only a pretext which triggered the dispute between the two sides, but had been simmering in the background for some time, waiting for a suitable excuse.
As Peter Ould remarks "The whole affair has become less about safeguarding and much more about truth telling (or the lack of it)."
Bob Hill, in an excellent blog posting notes how little has been done to address the "arrest, detention and deportation" of HG. That's an area that has concerned me from the start, when she was swiftly bound over and effectively deported from Jersey, with no attempt to address the fact that she was a vulnerable individual, probably confused by the rapid escalation of events - taken from her home into prison, and then offered (it appears) a choice between a return to prison, or being bound over to leave Jersey for three years by the Acting Magistrate Richard Falle.
It's unclear how she was advised, what  medical advice given or not on her state of mind (we are told there was some), whether sufficient evidence was given to the Acting Magistrate to make a referral on medical grounds, but what is clear was that she was dumped into the UK, with no provision for her welfare, just left homeless to manage as best she could.
Sir Philip Bailhache said that "the Magistrate had psychiatric and other reports. The binding over order with a condition that she left the lsland for 3 years was made at the request of her counsel and with HG's consent.". Who knows why she gave consent, or what duress was placed upon her - a return to prison hanging over someone was one option, but how clearly was it explained to her that she would shortly be homeless in the UK, and that was the other alternative? Should those have been the alternatives? Hobson's Choice! Some price freedom!
And should the Island have just sent someone vulnerable, clearly in need of support, to the UK without ensuring that proper provisions had been made to help her get back on her feet there? And notice the legal jargon creeping in - she was not "deported" but "bound over to leave the Island for three years". The result was an effective deportation, nonetheless. There's a certain economy with the truth here that I find misleading.
Sir Philip thinks it clear that the "Magistrate acted with appropriate care and compassion throughout.". I'm not sure that a disinterested outside observer would come to the same conclusions. I find myself thinking that G.K. Chesterton's comment on a legal case he observed fits well - "tame in spirit, wild in result, blank in realisation; a thing without the light of mind in it."
That eventuality - of effective deportation to homelessness, with no support - does no credit to any of the parties involved, and I would surmise that there must be lessons to be learnt . However, no one seems to want to address that. Instead the  whole matter is being sidelined and forgotten. There's a lot of talk about "disproportionate response", but reducing a vulnerable woman to sleeping on the streets doesn't seem to feature on that agenda. I would have thought that was a rather disproportionate response, to reduce someone to vagrancy. The "care and compassion" we hear so much about seems to have been limited in scope to the geographical boundaries of our Island.
What we now is "shadow boxing", where Winchester seems to make statements filtered through a PR firm (the curiously named Luther Pendragon), and Jersey accuses Winchester of having a hidden agenda. Look at the way Winchester has behaved, I should not be at all surprised if there is a hidden agenda, in particular to bring Jersey Canon Law more in line with the UK, and possibly force a reduction in clergy numbers.  I find it understandable that Jersey's Anglicans are concerned with this.
But should Jersey's Anglicans be wholly concerned with this, to the exclusion of HG? It seems the official line (as mediated by Sir Philip Bailhache and Gavin Ashenden) is that her testimony is not to be trusted. That said, they can concentrate on other matters, such as Canon Law.
As things stand, the situation seems (to the outsider) rather like the father and the elder brother having a quarrel which veers off into many points which have rankled for ages, particularly regarding demarcations of rights and duties. But in the meantime, the prodigal daughter, far from being welcomed in any way, is quietly forgotten and left to forage lonely and homeless for scraps of food.

Senator Maclean Speaks for the Island.

Well the Senator uses hies Mandate & Speaks for the Island.

Even if he does support Option C, he hits the Nail on the head. This Referendum is a Joke, it's a Fudge, a cop out, its been Rigged just to save the Constables and one thing is for sure it isn't Democratic.
Just listen to what he has to say.

Sorry will try & do Questions without Answers Tomorrow night.

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's possible.

Some New Political Definitions

Pitman, noun. An individual who speaks very loudly all the time.
Example: "Brian Blessed bellowed out his lines like a pitman mining the coal face."
Tadier, noun. A kind of pannier, usually found draped lopsidedly on the left side of a bicycle.
Example: "They thought he was leaning to the left as he peddled along, but it was only his tadier, weighted down with a copy of 'Socialist Drinking Songs in Jerriais'"
Shenton, verb. To absent oneself after making a very visible appearance.
Example: "He was only there for the role call, and then he shentoned off back to his office."
Murphy, noun - a generous pound of stout brewed in the Parish of Grouville.
Example: "You may have a wee dram in St Helier, but we like a large tankard of murphy in Grouville"
Rondel, noun - a large round dwelling in which Northern Deputies live. It is usually in a remote location, far from any main drains.
Example: "The best granite rondels in the Island are in St John. It's just a pity they are not plumbed into main drains. They could do with more thatch on top, as well."
Crowcroft, noun - an Urban Dwelling House for retired Constables who used to be out on the streets with a vengeance, as members of the "A Team".
Example: "Now the A-Team had defeated the bad guys, it was time for Simon to retire to the Crowcroft, and decide what career to follow".
Mezec, verb. Obsessively looking at numbers.
Example: "He used to collect used lottery tickets, mezecing them to see if there was a numeric deficit"
Maclean, verb. To say very little with a lot of vague words.
Example: "The Minister macleaned the audience on BBC Radio Jersey, saying that all considerations were being taken into account, and despite the recession, the economic development strategy was on target and would be effective at the appropriate junction."
Higgins, noun. A matter of principle, which can on occasion, go on for too long.
Example: "He was forever asking questions, and blasting the politicians, sticking firmly to his higgins."
Duhamel, noun. A habitat for the greater crested tit.
Example: "Sir David Attenborough's voice dropped to a whisper as he saw the flutter of wings from within the duhamel. A beak emerged from within the dense foliage."
Ozouf, noun. An exclamation of exuberance about very little at all.
Example: "When he saw that the unemployment figures had dropped when one individual had found work, one had died, and one had taken up the "Advance to Bad Wurzach" employment scheme, he was overjoyed. 'Some people say I do too little', he exclaimed, "but I tell them I do ozouf".
Ryan, adjective. A description for political economising.
Example: "It was a ryan shame that there would no longer be free music lessons for schoolchildren. Once it was the milk snatcher, now it was the tune snatcher."
Rennard, verb. To serenade, usually in song.
Example: "Whenever she had the opportunity, she would rennard her Parishioners with the song 'Goodnight, sweetheart'"
Gorst, verb. To take the Island along pathways new.
Example: "This is Jersey's four year mission. To boldly gorst where no man has gone before."

The Committee of Inquiry into Child Abuse. Debate.

The Dean of Jersey.

This is the Friday after the debate about passing the terms of reference for the committee of Inquiry into State aloud Child Abuse which happened on Wednesday just gone & the Breaking News Today is of the Dean of Jersey's Church of England has been Suspended for not following correct Practise & Covering Up the Abuse of a Vulnerable Parishioner by a  Church Warden. 
You just could not make this SH!T Up & he had the Audacity to Speak in this Debate.

You can read about this on the Voice For Children Blog HERE

Committee of Inquiry: Historical Child Abuse.
Lodged: 6th November 2012.
Council of Ministers.

The Greffier Reads the Proposition.

The Chief Minister gives his Speech on the Proposition.

Deputy Tadier gives his Speech on his Amendment to the Proposition.

The Chief Minister responses to the Amendment.


Senator Le Gresley speaks on the Amendment.

Deputy Le Herissier speaks on the Amendment.

Deputy Vallois speaks on the Amendment.

Deputy Higgins speaks on the Amendment.

Deputy Macon speaks on the Amendment.

Deputy Southern speaks on the Amendment.

Chief Minister makes statement about the Amendment.


Deputy Tadier's Amendment Vote.

Deputy Macon speaks on the Proposition.

Constable Le Troquer speaks on the Proposition.

Deputy Baudain speaks on the Proposition.

Deputy Pryke speaks on the Proposition.

Deputy Young speaks on the Proposition.

Deputy Pitman speaks on the Proposition.

Deputy Tadier speaks on the Proposition.

Deputy Higgins speaks on the Proposition.

Deputy Le Herissier speaks on the Proposition.

Senator Le Gresley speaks on the Proposition.

The Dean of Jersey speaks on the Proposition.

The Chief Minister responds to the speeches & we have the Vote

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's possible.

Two Very different Speeches In COI Debate

First we have a one of the old dinosaurs that should not be in the States Chamber,
 Constable Michel Philip Le Troquer.
What's he got to Hide he was in the Police Force from 1975 to 2003! so right in the thick of it when they were picking up Run Away's & taking them back to get some more! He should not of been aloud to of been involved in this Debate!
Sorry Constable but this Happened in YOUR Parish on YOUR WATCH while YOU Were A COPPER!!!
So just Shut up, let the COI do its business & for once & for all get the Truth out there.



Now we have Senator Francis du Heaume Le Gresley with his best Speech since taking over from Senator Stuart Syvret.  His not an old dinosaur, he's someone that sees the big picture & wants an end to this horrible  part of your History, he wants the Truth to come out so this chapter can come to a end.  We need more States members like him not like Troquer.

It was his Proposition to set up an Committee of Inquiry that got us to this point so he has to be Thanked & you will here the emotion in his voice & I'm sure the Relief because he knows it's going to happen & that is some feat. 

You hold your Head up high Senator I Thank You. 

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's possible.

Top Deputy, Pitman gets Interviewed on the BBC.

Deputy T. Pitman is interviewed about Leah McGarth Goodman getting her Visa, so she can return to Jersey & carry on Investigating about the Child Abuse that Happened over here.
Well Done Deputy & everyone that Signed the Petition.

Deputy T. Pitman is interviewed about a Jersey Paedophile Paul Renouf who got out of Jail & was able to disappear & Turn up in Bulgaria.


TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's possible.

Senator Bailhache Attacks everyone.

Wow we are going to Pay for this.

Senator Philip Bailhache doesn't like not getting his Own Way.

Here is a few of the Senator's comments that he delivered to everyone who had the cheek to go against him in his Quest to rule the House by spending all our Money.

I cope that the people of Jersey start seeing through this Man.

Now I thought I'd put up one of the speeches by Deputy Roy Le Hérissier he is known for sitting on the Fence put not here he saw sense & told it as it is.

Why can't the National Trust just go & look after what they've got now & stop the bitterness ?

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's possible.

Questions without Answers. 11/12/12.

Here we go again!

4.  Deputy M.R. Higgins of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Minister for Home Affairs –

“Will the Minister advise members whether any witness statements made by victims of child abuse that were made to, and in the custody of, the States of Jersey Police were subsequently lost and, if so, have these statements now been recovered; if not, what are the implications for victims making claims for compensation under the Historic Abuse Redress Scheme?”

7.  Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Chief Minister –

“In view of concerns raised by a number of States Members and stakeholders, will the Chief Minister ensure that the issues of both the police hand-over of investigations and the actions of those in political power will be fully covered in the Historic Child Abuse inquiry terms of reference?”

13.  Deputy M.R. Higgins of St. Helier will ask the following question of H.M. Attorney General –

“Is the Attorney General aware of any cases of alleged criminal offences committed by serving officers in the States of Jersey Police and, if so, what action if any, will he be taking to prosecute such officers to maintain or/restore public confidence in the police and to show that no one is above the Law?”

15.  Deputy M. Tadier of St. Brelade will ask the following question of the Minister for Home Affairs –

“Was the Hampshire Police investigation into the circumstances leading to the arrest of Curtis Warren and others due to be completed in December this year, and, if so, will the Minister inform Members whether the investigation has been completed and, if so, will he make the outcome known?”

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's possible.