The Jersey Way/Hot-Seat.

It is difficult to determine the subject, or most poignant talking point(s), of this posting/recording as a couple of fundamental issues arise from it and readers will have to determine what they think deserves the most prominence?

The first subject is the quality of "The Hot Seat" programme broadcast on BBC Radio Jersey. It should be said that Tony  Gillham (who hosts the shows) is a first class Disc Jockey, his "Gillham Gold" and other shows make for excellent listening and we highly recommend them to our readers. But to the best of our knowledge, despite being such a capable and excellent DJ, he is not a journalist. Somebody at BBC Radio Jersey has convinced, or may be even pressured him, into taking on a trade he has not been trained to do....

Graham Power on Local Investigative Journalism and Blogs.

Former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM.

On 3rd July 2017 the Independent Jersey Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry published its long awaited report. It was a damming and scathing report for the States of Jersey and a complete vindication of the Victims and Survivors who were finally listened to and more importantly believed after decades of being ignored, vilified, threatened and pilloried for attempting to stop the abuse happening to them and for trying to bring their perpetrators to something that resembles "justice" in such a corrupt system. Victims and Survivors remained courageous and dignified and displayed tremendous resolve and tenacity in their plight to be heard. Their vindication has been far too long coming and never more deserving....

Statement of Former Deputy Chief Police Officer Lenny Harper.

Former DCO Lenny Harper.

"With the report of the Committee of Inquiry being delivered on 3rd July I have over the past few weeks been contacted by various media outlets in the United Kingdom and Jersey. Each of them has asked if I would be willing to speak to them when the report is delivered.

Whilst none of us know what will be contained within the report, I feel more confident in being able to predict the different ways in which the contents will be dealt with by media in the UK and the local media in Jersey.

Jersey’s media, and admittedly some have been worse than others, have continually sought to protect the image of the Jersey establishment to the detriment of the abuse survivors....

One Rule for One?

Following the debacle, and scandal, of the failed Jersey Innovation Fund (JIF) which could have cost the Jersey taxpayer millions of £'s. It has been reported that two out of the three independent reports into the failings of JIF will not be published. This is apparently because the remaining reports are of a disciplinary nature. (So what)?

The one report that has been published is reported to have exonerated Senator Philip Ozouf but leaves questions to be answered of Senators Alan Maclean and Lyndon Farnham....

Deputy’s Video Goes Viral.

Deputy Sam Mezec

The States of Jersey (the Island's Parliament) has recently begun streaming its public sessions online which attracts somewhere in the region of around 300-400 viewers. This is a most welcome move towards openness and transparency which the States should be congratulated for but will it have the (unintentional) effect of placing more power in the hands of the silent majority and political dissenters, Bloggers, Tweeters, Facebookers and less power in the hands of the mainstream media?

In May this year we published a Blog Posting alerting readers to the latest attempt to shut down political dissent and to keep the power in the hands of the rich and powerful with its somewhat tame mainstream media. Could it be that the ruling elite became aware it might have created its own monster by opening up the island's parliament in this way?

Chairman of Jersey's only political party (Reform Jersey) Deputy Sam Mezec is a young, modern, forward thinking twenty-first century progressive politician who understands the potential power of Citizens Media and how to take advantage of it....

Adrian Lynch Operation Panama……Case Closed?

DS. Stuart Gull.

In our PREVIOUS POSTING we published a short VIDEO of the five minute drive, to the North Coast, from the last reported alleged movements of missing 20 year old Adrian Lynch. We asked a number of questions concerning the search/investigation (or lack of) concerning Adrian's disappearance.

As a result (of our previous posting) VFC was contacted by local BBC Radio and asked to give an interview where some of our questions could be recorded and put to Senior Investigating Officer DCI Lee Turner....

Jersey Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry (Submission of VFC).

In December 2015 the Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry invited
members of the public to make submissions under phase 3 of its work. The Inquiry had set three questions, each of which had a 500
word response/answer limit.

VFC, as readers would expect, made a submission (below) and attempted to answer the questions which did prove a little taxing as they reinforced the realisation that the ordinary folk of Jersey have no realistic chance of cleaning up the rot that has set in. We don't elect the people who run the island (the judiciary/Crown Appointees/Law Offices). We can't hold any of them to account and, as we don't have a Party Political System, we can't change our government....

Dame Janet Smith & the BBC

Listening to the initial fall out of Dame Janet Smith's report on how Hall & Savile were able to operate so long has been interesting. Predictably the people who were paid the most to be responsible at the top were not on the hook - it was all middle managers. That is not what being responsible means. The reportage was clear that there were many failings at the organisation and there was a pervasive culture of fear and deference. Is this sounding vaguely familiar yet?...

The Propaganda Hour.

After the latest so-called "Hot Seat" programme broadcast on State Radio, Friday just gone, Team Voice were appalled at the inadequate questioning (again) of Jersey's Chief Minister Ian Gorst.

Every month the Chief Minister is invited on to the show supposedly to be challenged on his policies, actions, and in-actions, but the reality is, there is no challenge, and the programme is little more than a Party Political Broadcast for The Establishment Party, or according to the leader of Jersey's only political party REFORM JERSEY  Deputy SAM MEZEC A "propaganda Hour."

The Chief Minister is NOT joined on the show by any politician with alternative views or policies, he holds court, and listeners could be led to believe there are no alternatives to his policies including the Medium Term Financial Plan and the austerity measures being implemented by the government. How is this a balanced view for State Radio listeners? In the interest of fairness and balance the Chief Minister should be joined on the show by somebody/ANYBODY with an alternative view or a researched/challenging compare/host....

Mario Lundy, and Stuart Syvret, at Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry.

Yesterday (Thursday 11thJune 2015) saw the long anticipated evidence of former Vice/Principle of Les Chenes residential School and former Education Director, Mario Lundy at the Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry. 

Mr. Lundy is the subject of around 27 allegations of physical abuse by, in the region of, a dozen different alleged victims, which he strenuously denies and yesterday was his opportunity to defend himself against those allegations.

He spent the full day giving his testimony, although some of the evidence to back up parts of his testimony no longer exists so he will have to be taken at his word. He told the Inquiry that the punishment/discipline books/logs where incidents of punishment administered at Les Chenes, to the residents, was logged in these books and would demonstrate that a minimal amount of punishment was dished out....