Is there a remedy for premature interjection?

Having removed a large part of the gardener workforce from the payroll, the States has been left with a plant nursery site with no purpose - Warwick Farm. Some have touted it as a possible alternative site for a new hospital, but CM Gorst has been quick to state his preferred option - 200 'affordable' houses.

Of course there is a demand for more housing. The States interim population policy was supposed to hold new growth to 300 per year, we know in reality it was well over a 1,000 per year (1%)....

The Jersey Trews

Welcome to the first Episode in what I hope may become a more regular feature on Jersey Social Media - "The Jersey Trews".

The Jersey Trews aims to  bring you a more in-depth picture of the local stories of public interest that the local mainstream media are unable or unwilling to cover.

This week's episode focuses on the highly unusual event of the Jersey Assembly agreeing to release an otherwise 'confidential' transcript of a States debate of 2008, where the then-HomeAffairs Minister, Andrew Lewis, informed the Assembly of his decision to suspend the Chief of Police, Graham Power.

At the time, Deputy Lewis claimed to have read a "damning report" of the Metropolitain Police which gave his grounds to suspend the Police Chief. However, since that time, it has been asserted by many, including Napier, former Senators Le Marquand and Senators Syvret, that this could not have been the case....

Reform: Last Chance Saloon…

Below is an adapted version of an email I have sent to States Members today.

'The gerrymandered mess, Option B+, has been put forward by its proponents as a ‘last chance saloon’ for achieving any change for 2014.

However, this is not true. Those States Members truly wanting to improve our system, and not wishing to take two steps back, need only support p.171/2013 - Introduction of the Single Transferable Vote and Alternative Vote - as recommended by the Electoral Commission and its advisor, Dr Alan Renwick....

Cost Of Failed, Taxpayer Funded, Super Injunction Remains A Secret.

After more questions asked of alleged Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst, by Deputy Trevor Pitman, in the Island's Parliament today we still don't know the full amount, to the taxpayer, of the failed superinjunction placed on former Health Minister Stuart Syvret.

Senator Gorst ducked, and dived, a number of questions surrounding the case with only very little given away. We did, however, find out that the four proxies, it would appear were "invited" by Data Protection Commissioner, Emma Martins to take action against Mr. Syvret.

Data protection commissioner "invited" the claimants to come forward, according to Deputy Mike Higgins. How many other people has she "invited" Will she be inviting Stuart Syvret to make a claim against disgraced former Housing Minister, Deputy Sean Power, after he stole personal data belonging to Mr. Syvret and his ex partner which caused it to be published on a reported paedophile protecting hate-site? No she has already ruled that stealing other people's personal data, sharing it with others, and causing it to be published on the internet is a "regulatory" offence and not criminal.

Senator Gorst also revealed that the four "representors" (proxies) contributed nothing, financially, towards the cost of the case. Which brings us back to a previous posting where we published an extract from the court judgement HERE which read;

"he has put the Representors to unnecessary expense and has failed to engage with the litigation and he has repeatedly breached the order. The consequence of this conduct has been that the Representors have been put to unnecessary expense." 

They were put to NO expense, unnecessary or otherwise. 

Good (unanswered) questions from Deputies Tadier and Higgins also which left Senator Gorst floundering. (recording below)

VFC credit TJW for this recording.