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Former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM.

On 3rd July 2017 the Independent Jersey Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry published its long awaited report. It was a damming and scathing report for the States of Jersey and a complete vindication of the Victims and Survivors who were finally listened to and more importantly believed after decades of being ignored, vilified, threatened and pilloried for attempting to stop the abuse happening to them and for trying to bring their perpetrators to something that resembles "justice" in such a corrupt system. Victims and Survivors remained courageous and dignified and displayed tremendous resolve and tenacity in their plight to be heard. Their vindication has been far too long coming and never more deserving....

Jersey Evening Post Editorials.

Chief Minister Ian Gorst

On Tuesday 18 April 2017 an answer was tabled by the Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst, to a Written Question from Deputy Russell Labey. The question, and answer, revealed that the Chief Minister had spent more than £33,000 on UK Spin Doctors (Portland Communications) in order to learn how to be "open" and "informative" with the public regarding the long awaited, repeatedly delayed, publication of the Jersey Committee of Inquiry's final Report. VFC published the question and answer HERE.

It subsequently became known that what the Chief Minister DIDN'T tell the States (Island's Parliament), or the public, was he had spent a further £18,000 of taxpayers money on another Spin Doctor former Tory advisor  (Ramsay Jones) seemingly for the same purpose. That's more than £50k spent (squandered) to be told how to be "open and "informative" by Spin Doctors and already he's NOT being open and informative....

Advocate Philip Sinel Interview. (Part Two)

Advocate Philip Sinel.

Further to our exclusive and in-depth interview with Advocate Philip Sinel posted HERE. We bring readers part two of this interview (below) The interview is a direct continuation of part one but deals with, among much else, part(s) of the local mainstream media.

Advocate Sinel tells us that local newspaper The Jersey Evening Post (JEP) have run a number of stories about him and have denied him a right of reply, or at the least, and adequate right of reply as shown on Rico Sorda's Blog HERE. He explains that this is part of the reason he has decided to create his own Blog....

Adrian Lynch. Team Voice Questions to Superintendent Stewart Gull. (Part 1)

Adrian Lynch.

Following the tragic discovery of Adrian Lynch's body Thursday 4th August in the Handois reservoir, Adrian's family, and the public, will consider Adrian being found and returned to his family as a blessing that many thought would never happen.

Adrian went missing on the 4/5th December 2015 after attending a work's party at the Merton Hotel. He remained missing for eight months until the discovery of his body on the 4th August 2016.

Adrian's funeral took place on Friday 19 August 2016 and a subsequent public memorial was held, on the same day, where, it is reported, more than three hundred islanders, family and friends, attended to pay their respects to Adrian....

Jersey’s Dean—- Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury

Last week the Jersey Evening Post gave front page coverage to a letter from Senator Bailhache to the Archbishop of Canterbury asking him to press for the publication of the Steel Report.  The Senator wrote as a Senator in the States of Jersey and as Lay Chair of the Jersey Deanery Synod.
Those in the Jersey Church circle have been impressed ( there are others who are unimpressed) at how speedily the Senator has become the chair of the Deanery Synod and it would be interesting to know whether his letter was ever approved by the rank and file Synod members.
The Senator attacked the Bishop of Winchester for failing to apologize for causing ‘unjustified humiliation and distress’ to the Dean and his wife. He accused the Church of ‘burying’ the report to prevent embarrassment for the Bishop of Winchester....