A brief election observation

Overtly green or eco candidates did rather badly in yesterday's election.  I have had serious differences with Rob Duhamel over some issues like GST on food and shivering pensioners, but he does have a grasp of many environmental  issues.  Similarly John Young who is was formerly chair of the environment scrutiny panel, though was a senior officer  at planning for much of the 1990's .  Other candidates with good active greeny roots like Jane Blakely and Maureen Morgan were also unsuccessful.  New senator Zoe Cameron was on the recent people's climate march , as was the one of the new deputies for St Helier 1 , Scott Wickenden....






Remember the panel is yet to be chosen. Let us not forget the States Greffier, Michel Dela Haye, who has the utmost respect of States Members, across the board, is overseeing the appointments of the panel. Team Voice has faith in Mr De La Haye and believe he is the right man for the job. 

The very fact that that this COI is going ahead in the first place is testament to the cooperation and determination of abuse survivors, a handful of politicians and the Jersey Bloggers. Let's not forget that it was not that long ago that then Chief Minister, T Le Suer, said that there would not be a COI at all. The then Council of Ministers lodged a report that scuppered the COI promised by the previous Chief Minister Frank Walker. It is important to note that the report brought to the house by Terry Le Suer and agreed by the then council of minsters could not be amended or challenged as a proposition could have been. 

This is just a small snapshot as to how we got a COI. Senator Le Gresley acted straight away when the report was read. The Senator lodged a proposition that we should have a full COI which was passed in the states on March 2nd 2011.

Rightly so people are sceptical. Victims/survivors and witnesses might view the enquiry with scepticism and after all the corruption and cover-up who could blame them. The spotlight is fully on Sally Bradley QC and this COI which comes on the back of the Savile, Stephen Lawrence and the Hillsborough cover-ups. The corruption was eventually exposed and victims and families are finally receiving the hard fought justice they sought. 

The evidence that was gathered in the original enquiries was what brought the inevitable justice even if it was achieved many years later. Without that initial evidence justice would/could never have been obtained.

Every scrap of evidence, we suggest, should be submitted to this COI. Let history record this evidence. At first glance, with the appointment of Sally Bradley QC, it does appear that Mr De LA Haye has chosen well. Ok, the rest of the panel members have yet to be chosen but we believe it is far to early for it to written off as a whitewash. The Victims/Survivors their families, friends and supporters have been given a chance and some much needed hope that their horrific ordeals can now be documented to a COI purposely set up to get to the truth about decades of failure, corruption and abuse in "THE CARE" of the States of Jersey where the innocence of childhood was so cruelly taken from them. 

Team Voice will be submitting all the evidence we have. We encourage all our readers to get behind us and this Committee of Enquiry. It deserves a chance as do the victims / Survivors and their families.

Team Voice