Quango Unchained: The Death of Democracy

Tomorrow, I will bring my projet, p.44/2105, to the States Assembly. It should be considered a very moderate proposition asking two things: that the Treasury Minister instruct SoJDC not to proceed with any buildign work, or further binding agreements, until the Corporate Scruinty Panel have finished their review, and presented their findings to the States. This should be done in approx 6 weeks, if they are given the information they need.
Secondly, it asks the Council of Ministers to subsequently bring the plans back to the States for approval....

Is Government Built Office Space the right Gamble for Jersey?

Below is a copy of the proposition lodged on the Esplanade Quarter. It is my hope that the States will reconsider its decision to build offices once the Scrutiny Panel has reported back with its findings.

From a personal point of view, I am skeptical about the development for 3 main reasons:

1) The States do not have a good record of developing and maintaining such projects (including the Waterfront/Fort Regent).

2) Given the economic outlook, which is uncertain at best and given that other private developers are already building new grade A office space, it seems an overly risky entreprise for government involvement

3) Government should be concentrating on the areas it is duty bound to provide - affordable/social housing, a hospital and education facilities. Such a premium....

Reform Candidate for District 1, St Helier

Political Campaigner, Nick Le Cornu

St Helier No.1 By-Election

 Social reform campaigner to stand for Deputy

Havre des Pas resident, Nick Le Cornu, is to stand for election for Deputy in St Helier No 1 district.
Mr Le Cornu is a qualified English Solicitor, has practiced commercial law and litigation in the City of London. He now specialises in employment law and is currently assisting Union members with employment issues.

He is also the Secretary of the Jersey Human Rights Group, which campaigns for greater equality and anti-discrimination measures....